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Modified Skyline R34Make sure you get the best insurance for your modified or high performance vehicle.

The amount of modified cars on our roads is growing each year in Australia.  Many divers are increasing able to modify or purchase a high performance vehicle at a young age.  Top 10 Modified Car insurance has been created to compare Australian Modified Car Insurance Providers.

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Statistics have shown in 2012 there were over 62,000 cars stolen in Australia.  Car insurance can help provide assistance if your vehicle is stolen or badly damaged depending on the policy you have taken out.

We do not endorse one insurance provider over another and offer factual information to help you compare Car Insurance Plans.

If you would like quotes or more detailed information about the car insurance provides you should conduct your own research and contact the car insurers directly to discuss your situation and vehicle..

It is important any insurance you take out for your modified vehicle meets your budget but also covers you for the unexpected.  You should double check the fine print in any insurance policy, this is to ensure you know what is covered and to confirm if any modifications or motorsport events may be excluded from your policy.

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There are four main types of car insurance in Australia.  It is very important you select the right type of car insurance for your modified or performance vehicle.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

CTP is legally required to drive a vehicle in Australia.  It only provides compensation for bodily injuries caused by motor vehicles.  This policy will not provide any cover for vehicle damage to your or another vehicle, therefore other forms of insurance need to be purchased.  In most states this insurance is included in registration fees (requirements may differ in each state and territory).

Third Party Property

This insurance policy covers damage caused by your vehicle.  It does not cover any damage to your vehicle or if your vehicle is stolen.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Similar to third party property it will only cover damaged caused by your vehicle, but also includes cover if your vehicle is stolen or catches fire.  It will not cover damage to your vehicle as a result of a crash.

Full Comprehensive

The best protection will cover damage and theft of your vehicles along with damaged caused to other vehicles.  Depending on your policy may it can also cover for weather events such as flooding and hail.

The information above is only a brief overview and factual in nature.  You should consult a qualified insurance professional before taking out insurance on your vehicle so you know exactly what is and what is not covered.