Grey Import Car Insurance

Toyota Supra Grey Import

Grey Import is a common name used for new or used vehicles imported into Australia outside of official manufacture or distributor channels (ie Australian delivery).  The benefit of grey imports is you can purchase cars that were not intend for sale in Australia such as the GT-R, NSX, Supra, Silvia etc, which can offer exceptional performance for the price paid.  These cars are often modified overseas which can increase performance even further but modifications can sometimes cause headaches for car insurance in Australia especially grey imports.

Grey imports often need money spent on compliance and modification work to ensure they can qualify for a roadworthy certificate and registration in Australia.  You also need to do your homework on insurance before you buy.  You don’t want to go to the effort or expense to bring a car half way around the world only to find out you can get insurance or the premiums are too high (especially if you a younger driver).

Just Car Insurance is accommodating of grey imports and younger drivers.  Shannons Car Insurance will also insure grey imports but you usually have to be over 25.  You are best to get some insurance quotes before you buy a modified grey import so you have an idea if the insurance is affordable for you.

NRMA Extends Insurance Cover of Modified Cars

NRMA have recently relaxed underwriting on modified vehicles.  Previously they only allowed limited modifications but this has been relaxed potentially allowing insurance for more highly modified vehicles.  They wont cover for motorsport events, so if you want cover in this area you may have to look elsewhere.  If you have been denied by major car insurance providers NRMA may now be more accommodating of your modifications.  Further details are provided in the links below.