Compare Modified Car Insurance

Make sure you get the best Car Insurance for your modified vehicle.  The table below compares a range of Australian car insurance companies who can cover, younger drivers (under 25), modified cars, exotic cars and classic cars.  All information is factual in nature and you should also do your own research before taking out Car Insurance.

The insurance premiums, excess payable and level of cover will vary depending on the terms of the policy and it is important you read the fine print to make sure you know exactly what your car is and is not covered for.

It is also important you are truthful to car insurance provides about modifications to your vehicles and who will be driving.  If you lie or withhold information car insurance companies are well within their rights to refuse your claim and cancel your insurance.

Also once you qualify for insurance you will need to update you car insurance provider about any changes made to the vehicle.   Calling the car insurance company before making modifications can save heartache and give you an idea if your premiums may change, modification excluded from the policy or if you need to find new insurance.

Generally speaking like all forms of insurance one area to consider is a larger excess generally means lower ongoing premiums.  You also need to weigh up the cover amount and annual premium as a higher cover amount with additional features will mean higher ongoing premiums.

The table below show commonly used insurance companies in Australian for modified, exotic and historical vehicles.

Car Insurer Comments

Just Car Insurance

Just Car - Car Insurance

Just Car Insurance is a specialist modified vehicle and younger driver (under 25) insurance company.  They are part of the Suncorp Group so you know a large company is standing behind them.  They do not insure classic or vintage cars.

They allow unlimited modifications providing your cars remains road legal and you make them aware of any modifications made to your vehicles.

NRMA Car Insurance NRMA - Car Insurance NRMA is a major car insurance provider who have recently relaxed underwriting for car modifications.  The also offer specialist insurance for vintage and classic cars.

Shannons Car Insurance

Shannons - Car Insurance

Shannon’s is a specialist car insurance provider for the motoring enthusiast.  If you car is in an accident you have choice of repairer.  Shannons will also pay for one windscreen or window glass breakage claim per  vehicle per year, without applying an excess, or your no claim discount
being affected.They will do special cover if your car is under restoration (laid up) along with limited usage cover if the car is not your daily diver.

There are many insurance options and well worth getting a quote if you have a unique or modified vehicle.

Dawes Car InsuranceDAWES - Car Insurance

Dawes provides extensive insurance for a vast range of vehicles listed below;

  • Exotic/high value vehicles
  • Classic cars
  • Prestige vehicles
  • Stretch limousines
  • Storage cover for race cars
  • Hot rods/street machines
  • Kit cars
  • Film set vehicles
  • Driving instructors
  • Motorcycles

This will only accept an insurance application though an insurance intermediary (ie insurance broker).  Find a good insurance broker and they can work on your behalf to get your vehicle covered.

Enthusiast Car InsuranceEnthusiast - Car Insurance

Enthusiast has been in the car insurance business for over 50 years.  They insure a great range of vehicles as listed below;

  • Classics (including motorcycles)
  • Collector (including motorcycles)
  • Modified
  • Vintage
  • Executive
  • Prestige
  • Private Imports
  • Historic Trucks

The enthusiast management team is involved in the motorsport industry car clubs, shows and magazines.

They are happy to insure modified cards providing the changes made to a car comply with registration requirements and you can provide engineering approvals for modifications that require them.

Ryno Car InsuranceRyno - Car Insurance

Ryno Insurance will cover;

  • Classic
  • Prestige
  • Motorbikes
  • Vintage Caravans

Ryno Insurance can offer specialised insurance policy with flexible options.

Insurance policies are written with an understanding and knowledge that comes from a company that only insures classic motor vehicles.

Unique Car InsuranceLumley - Car Insurance

Lumley is a specialist vehicle insurer that will cover;

  • Vintage & Veteran (pre 1940)
  • Classic (25 years or older)
  • Modern Classic (10 year or older limited build)
  • Classic Motorcycle (25 years or older)

Lumley offers choice of repairer and also discounts to car club members.  Salvage rights is also an option you can include in your policy.

Youi Car Insuranceyoui - car insurance

Youi is known to tailor insurance to an individuals needs.  They will insure cars that have been modified to improve performance or handling.

They can insure factory fitted and after market accessories in your insurance policy.

RAA Car InsuranceRAA - Car Insurance RRA Car insurance offers Hard to Place (H2P) insurance for;

  • modified vehicles
  • import vehicles

H2P is designed to help people who find it hard to get insurance.  They will listen about your vehicles and assess each risk individually to determine premium, excess and insurability.

TCIS Car InsuranceTCIS - Car Insurance TCIS provides specialist cover for 4WD and camping equipment.  They have no limit to 4WD modifications providing the vehicle stays road legal.

They also provide full off road cover “We have no limitations of any kind in our policy.  You are covered whilst on the beach, crossing a river, at Cape York or in the middle of the Simpson Desert”.